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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

An offer and an entry to Limboland

I am sitting at my voluntary placement with a mouthful of chicken sandwich when someone hands me my mobile and says that the person who interviewed me for a job wishes to speak to me right now. "How are you?" says Louise, the potential line manager. "Eating!" I say in a totally unprofessional manner. And then loyal readers, she says they want to offer me the job! Got into shaky excitement mode and give more inane babblings but they got me a job offer so hey, maybe I should give in to them more often. After the call, I do a sort of tango like dance up and down the corridor leading people to wonder what I am on.
The good news is tempered by the fact that the last time I had such an offer, my former boss gave a bland reference and the offer was withdrawn. So I am in Limboland not knowing what the next few weeks holds. Will he be decent this time? To put things into context, I returned to my role with him two weeks after having a Caesarean birth! Apparently, that and my successful project leadership was not good enough to merit a good reference!
My voluntary placement provider is promising to "wax lyrical" about me so I am hoping that will help but I remain nervous of what the former boss will do.
Then I am reminded of the difficulty of balancing parenting and anything else as I rediscover the costs and inflexibility of childcare providers.
For now, break open the champagne and hope for the best


  1. Hello!
    Very best with the job and the juggling, enjoy the champagne,

  2. I have an ex boss that is basically an absolute pig and gives anyone that leaves a bad reference on purpose just to be nasty. When they threaten to sue him for it, he just says go on then.

    So I now give other previous employers as references and if they ask about that particular job I just say that the person I worked directly for has now left and I don't know where they are and anybody that is there now wouldn't know me or my work.

    I know it's technically lying but I've managed to avoid this nasty ex boss ever being called upon and all my other employers have given me glowing reports.