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Friday, 5 August 2011

More Reasons To Be Cheerful

I am on the cusp of being very cheerful indeed. Not quite there yet after a stressful few weeks but definitely can feel that the good times are coming. Some are even here already so here goes.

1. My brother is not in the building tonight. This means that we will be far more relaxed and feel OK being us rather than watch him looking at us as if we have crawled out of the proverbial cheese. We may celebrate with takeaways and a tipple plus treats for the children.

2. Although we were desperately sad to rehome one of our dogs last week, we are pleased he has found a happy home with a really lovely family. We have had this dog since he was born so we miss him heaps but had to let him go as we caved into pressure from brother dearest. The family are not too far away and say we can go and see the dog whenever we like.

3. The school holidays are wonderful in terms of long lie-ins, fun, games, activities and just being together as a strong family unit who can take on the world (and my brother lol).

4. As well as steam-cleaning the house this week like a good and meek little woman, I was also able to use my brain and I hope assist some truly inspirational women. Made me remember that once upon a time I had a fair few dazzling careers, to recall that I have a second-to-none education and that I have kicked ass more than once and can do it again.

5. I had a little talk with my Dad where I explained that I refused to be bullied by either of my brothers anymore and that if they disapprove of the way I live my life, all they have to do is look elsewhere and leave me the hell alone. It felt very good to state my case to a man who seems able to love me whether the bloody kitchen floor is sparkling or not.

I need to keep in mind that I am 42 years old, I am loved, I have support and I have a right to be myself. I have run scared and that is stopping right now this minute.

Much of that inner belief is due to the wonderful support received from some very generous-spirited people. Thanks to those have reached out some of whom I have met and some who just empathise or seem to think that I am actually OK deep down. May karma or whatever higher power you believe in send you some truly wonderful things and soon.

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