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Monday, 29 August 2011

Magpie Monday

Joining in with another favourite blog hop, Magpie Monday, where we celebrate bargain finds.

I don't often buy from Ebay although once you go on there, you realise that it provides a whole new treasure trove of lovelies to lust after.

I went on looking for a table and chairs so that we can do that perfect family bit where you sit down and talk over dinner. I saw a lovely maghogany one with chairs and saw it steadily increase in bids until it was more than I wanted to pay. Narked but not for long because one that was the same but with a tiny picture came up the next day. I was the only person to bid on it. Was it the little picture or was it the fact that it only had 5 chairs that held it back. I don't mind as we only have 5 regularly eating here together so it is perfect for us.

We reckon it is about 40 years old. I love it because it is great condition but not perfect so I don't have to badger the children if they damage it. It comes with a cover to protect the surface so we keep that on most of the time. Him Indoors loves it because it has one carver so he can sit in it and pretend he is in charge of us all. The children love it because we do the family together meals and also because it just tempts you into getting a board game out to play too. Another reason to love it is that I got the whole lot for a tenner!

The table sits on a rug acquired for £15 via Netmums Nearly New Boards.

And finally, if you can bear it scroll down to "The Happy Couple" post below where you will see me in other Ebay finds on my wedding day.

Now go forth and see other lovely bargains from some very lovely ladies.

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