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Thursday, 4 August 2011

How Normal Am I?

Recently,I have had heaps of criticism from a certain quarter so I wanted to check with real people and mums in particular if I am vaguely normal or not. What do you think?

1. Until recently, I did not clean my kitchen floor every single day. Now I steam clean it every day.

2. I wash clothing almost every day if not every day some weeks

3. I like to have pictures, ornaments and children's artwork displayed in my home

4. I enjoy having pets and do not feel the children are threatened by having them

5. As my children can have lots of meals and snacks in a day, I sometimes save up the washing up and do it all in one go.

6. I don't think I am boring, not really or all the time anyway

7. I clean my toilet every day and think that is sufficient

8. I think there is more to life than housework

9. I resent the implication that it only my job to do housework when I live in a family with 4 adults and 3 children

10. I am a worm who is mightily tempted to turn and very soon too.

Seriously though, having being defined as filthy, how much housework should I do in a day? Happy to do it but would like to know what is normal and acceptable to real people and mums in particular.

I am a bit scared to do this post now as I might be hit with a load of criticism. I am happy to step up my game but don't want to be bullied by just one person.

Does that make sense?

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