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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Magpie Monday On A Tuesday

Apologies for linking up late to the wonderful Liz's blog hop, Magpie Monday where we shout loudly about our bargain finds.

Me and My Shadow

In the last couple of weeks, my brother came to live with us and as well as calling me filthy and bemoaning my lack of quality housework, he complained about what he termed clutter.

I like to make a home and that involves quirky charity shop finds being on display along with my favourite artwork from my 3 children and so on. Apparently, this makes me something akin to the devil so it must go. The reality is that I have removed it and hidden it in the hope he will move out soon so that we can live as we like to.

Just to complete the picture, he thinks the fact that I have pets is a sure sign of child abuse on my part. He wants me to get rid of the animals and the first one was rehomed at the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, in this situation, there seemed little point popping along to the charity shop which as regular readers will know is one of my favourite weekend activities.

So this week, as well as requesting all fellow Magpies to take out a hit on my brother, I am sharing a story of how you can do a wedding on a budget.

I got married 3 years ago. I bought 6 dresses off Ebay as I did not fancy taking my size 20 frame for fittings and so on. By the day before the wedding I had still to decide between my favourite and one I knew my mum would approve of. On the morning of the wedding, the one I chose was the one my mum would like. It would not do up so in the end, I had to go with my choice. Ivory, strapless with embroidery and a stole for over my shoulders. I wore it for about 5 hours and then re-sold it on Ebay.

I also bought my shoes second-hand from Ebay and my lovely lingerie.

We had a very happy day and I think it was really helped by knowing we had done things on a realistic budget and not landed ourselves in debt.

I will try to upload a photograph of the day if people would like to see me in the finery.

I intend to get my own life back by September so the charity shops will be taking a hammering at that point.

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