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Friday, 17 June 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Joining in with the Reasons to be Cheerful blog as usual and in a better place emotionally than last week.

1. The first reason to be cheerful is all the comments and support I received when people read last week's post. I felt less alone and also loved by people that matter to me and liked by those I admire. So a huge thank you to all concerned.

2. I had help with the children. This is unusual really and sometimes I tire of always being the one to referee, waitress and entertain. That might make me a woefully inadequate mummy or maybe just a very real one.

3. I went out to an after-school cookery class with my little girl. It looked like it would be impossible too so it was an even bigger reason for smiles. When I arrived, she ran towards me and gave me the biggest cuddle. There was I worrying about how sweaty, fat and ugly I was and she put it all right in an instant. For her, I am the best Mummy in the world. The other mums were nice too and one of them lives in my village so who knows? I could have a friend at some point. Wouldn't that be lovely? We made American Muffins and brought our efforts home to share with the family. I have 4 more weeks to go and I am so looking foward to it. Him Indoors has said he will come home early from work to look after the boys so that I can go.

4. I have received an application form for voluntary work in a charity shop. References might be an issue after I was unfairly dismissed from my last post but there must be a way round it. Answers in a comment please.

5. I have received a form to fill in to get a provisional driving licence. My excuses for not learning to drive are running out and it is all down to me.

6. I have an invitation to do a course in September so have reserved a place on that too. A comment someone left last week about me over-thinking things hit a nerve so I am trying to do more rather than just brooding on things.

7. I have 4 little kittens to play with until they go to their new homes. They are 6 weeks old so at a very cute phase. The children want to keep one but inevitably cannot agree on which one.

8. I have picked up various bargains to shout from the rooftops on Magpie Monday, the blog hop hosted by the Me and My Shadow blog.

9. The barn is cleared of a lot of my brother's junk (sorry - belongings) so I feel more in control of that too.

10. I got up at 20 past five this morning. This will strike you as a strange reason to be cheerful. I got up because the dog was barking but then sat and reflected quietly on things for a couple of hours. For some reason, I feel very sane today. Maybe I should get up at 20 past five every morning? Watching the sun rise and seeing a new day begin was restorative to my soul.

That will do me for this week methinks.

Have a great week, focus on the positive and check out some fab reasons for cheerfulness over at the Mummy from the Heart blog.


  1. Wow, that is a LOT of reasons. You've been pretty busy haven't you? :)

    Good luck with the course and the driving - the driving certainly will revolutionise your life - take it from a late learner!!!

    Did you manage to get an unfair dismissal judgement from a tribunal or anything like that? If so it will be easy to show any reasons for being let go from your last job were unjustified. Perhaps you know their motives and could highlight those, but in a professional explanatory way?

    OTherwise I guess you could give them a call to let them know there might be a problem with your reference but that you would be more than happy to explain it at interview?

    Good luck with it all!!! xXx

  2. You were enjoying what they call the ambroisal hours - they are beneficial to the soul.

    Sorry to hear about the unfair dismissal - what on earth happened - asking with my HR head on.

    Liska x

  3. wow, you are very positive this week. lots of great reasons. I think the best one is having some help with the children.

  4. I loved this blog entry. You could have been me, many, many years ago when we moved to a new town. How my life has changed because I made it change. I get up very early every morning, too. I think it is the best part of the day and a time when you can do exactly what you want without feeling guilty. Glad you enjoyed your cookery class. You have such a good education the world will always be your oyster and you will be able to choose your paths.Have a lovely week.

  5. A lovely cheerful list indeed. I hope you get around the work reference thing...

    xx Jazzy

  6. That's a lot of reasons to be cheerful, hope you have a great week :-) x

  7. Hi! Following you from FNF blog hop!
    Hope you visit me and return the follow!:0)

  8. Wow masses of reasons to be cheerful! Good luck with the driving, you'll love it once you get into it.

    My husband had an unfair dismissal as well, and we ended up threateneing a tribunal and his 'dismissal' was changed to redundnacy as the company was going into liquidation. He got advice from the BUsiness Bureau I think it was, but it took a while to sort and it is a crappy experience so my heart goes out to you. Although it has taken him a while it has made him a stronger person for it.

    As for references, I guess you were in your job for a while so you can't write it off on your CV as such? Do you have any friends or someone you got on with at the company who could provide a reference. I recently helped a friend out, who had lost her job with the company we both joined after 5 months and she needed a reference and didnt want to ask anyone. She asked me and I wasn;t asked if I managed her, and I didn't volunteer that info, just said she had been a team player, good to work with etc and put my job title down. Is there any chance someone would do that for you? I know it is not always possible, however, I also thought that you were njo longer allowed to give a 'bad' reference and HR would probably just provide a standard one - perhaps Liska is better placed to answer that though? Good luck with it, I am sure you will be fine with the application and that you will enjoy the work. just thought, have you ever volunteered anywhere esle? You could always say you felt they were a more appropriate reference and use them due to the voluntary nature.

  9. I came from the hop and I like your post. I'm not sure if 5:20 would work for me, but I get a little crazy when I'm tired.

  10. Excellent, a whole heap of reason - love the sound of the cookery lessons.

    With the voluntary job, I do not expect it should be too much of a problem if you are upfront with them.

    I assume there are perhaps people who know you and would do a personal reference (doctor, head teacher, Vicar etc?)

    Mich x