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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Gallery - Three Words - Things to Do

The Gallery's theme this week is "Three Words". How about "Things to Do"?

I have to get my CRB form into school and have my identity documents checked so that I can start volunteering in school. I have no problems with the check but does the form have to be so stupidly rigid in how you fill it in. Second attempt is fine so need to work out the best time to go into school now and move this forward. I have also signed up for a course on Helping out in Schools after really enjoying a morning with my son and his friends at school earlier this year.

I really must send off for a provisional driving licence. Everyone keeps telling me driving will transform my life and hey, it really does need to change quite a lot.

Like most parents, I have to tackle the tedious but has to be done tax credits form.

I have a volunteering from to complete in my attempt to become a charity shop worker. Sneakily hoping I get to see the best stuff first as well as helping a very good cause and meeting new people.

I also need to put some serious thought into our family holiday and maybe an extra little break too.

So lots of Things To Do but first for lunch and a little bit of Wimbledon. Every Wimbledon Fortnight, my late mum used to down tools. She was a very traditional housewife and mum but did pretty much nothing when the tennis was on. I am not quite that bad, honest!

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  1. I did the CRB form when I volunteered at Amy's first school. The way the school treated me, well, you'd have thought I seriously had something to hide. It was clean of course but I soon tainted it when they threatened to take me to court over a blog I'd written following a bullying incident which was aimed at Amy. Long story, I'll tell you sometime if you ever want to know!

    CJ xx

  2. I'm impressed that you know all the things you need to do. I am struggling to keep up!

  3. Just came back from holiday and have a pile of those now waiting for me... Good luck!

  4. I feel exhausted after reading that list, but it's inspired me to start a To Do list of my own. I'm always forgetting things, like 'Pick toddler up from nursery'

  5. sigh...i always have a lot of 'things to do' xx

  6. Hee hee, I'm with 'five go blogging'. Well done for being so organised

  7. Gosh, you sound very organised!!! I know too well the pain of having to do the CRB check, I've done 4 of them over the last few years!

    Forms, forms, forms. So so tedious yet so necessary - fab idea for the Gallery 3 words challenge. Unfortunately I flunked out with a 'much too busy' and 'lack of inspiration'
    #epicfail aaaah well :) xXx