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Monday, 20 June 2011

Magpie Monday

I am a great fan of bargain-hunting and a great source of money-saving finds is the Netmums Nearly New Board. There is one for each locality and if you ask me, you would be daft not to check them out and regularly too.

I have decided to get fit, well fitter anyway. This may well be a flash in the pan but I am hoping not. Partly to persuade myself to actually stick with it, I have bought a Wii bundle this week. It is the Wii itself, plus the balance board thingy, Wii Fit and a load of family games too. £120 and to be honest I don't care if that is a bargain or not. Someone was selling what I wanted all in one place so I got it.

Of course, I can only use the Wii Fit when my boys get off the thing.

Next wonderful finds were two Monsoon dresses and accessories for my little girl.

She wore one to a birthday party on Saturday and I am sure they will come out time and time again.

Of course, every princess deserves her own red carpet so we bought her one again from the Netmums boards.

Finally, in an attempt to keep our unexpected kittens under some control, I bought a travel cot. The one obvious thing I had forgotten about cats is that they can jump and climb. So the only time the kittens go in their travel cot is at feeding time.

P.S I have decided to get rid of a few things and will post them on here for fellow Magpies. If you like them, contact me and either offer me some dosh or ask for it for free whatever you prefer. With a family holiday to fund, obviously the things will got to highest bidder or to my very fave Magpies.

Here are the first two things. There will be lots of pottery, retro stuff, jewellery and other stuff coming soon.

Orange glass bowl thing. No damage at all.

Little trinket box or use it for what you will. Blue/gold/white/pink and not marked as far as I can see. No damage at all.

You can email me on or leave a comment here.

Meanwhile, do go and spread some blogger love to these wonderful Magpies with their hauls from this week.

Me and My Shadow


  1. That really is a bargain so well done. Love the idea of kittens in a play pen....but if you pop them up for a sale I would find them hard to resist!! LOl

  2. what lovely finds, that little dress is beautiful :)

  3. New fan from the hop, I hope you will come visit me too!

  4. That dress is stunning! She looks like a real princess x


  5. Great idea and what lovely little dresses! Funnily enough I'm looking at selling all my Wii console and balance board stuff. Will have to look at Netmums and see if its worth listing it there as it's somewhere I never visit. xXx