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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Twitter Lessons

I joined Twitter, the social networking site, in January 2009. Here is a list of some of the benefits to me so far
1. Reduced my feelings of isolation
2. Built my self-confidence
3. Made me even more interested in the world beyond my four walls
4. Let to leads for jobs and freelance work
5. Given an insight into the lives of celebrities and the wonderful world of the "ordinary"
6. Encouraged me to write my first book
7. Taught me how to make the most of myself style wise and to sometimes wear my knickers over my tights lol
8. Given me an outlet for sober and drunken ramblings
9. Helped me find people who are on or have experienced similar journeys - coping with cancer diagnosis, post-natal depression, adoption, step-parenting and parenting
10. Challenged my thinking

Some people try to set rules for Twitter. I have had criticisms for ..

1. Being too deep thinking
2. Asking questions

but I have also had positive comments for doing these things.

Make of Twitter what you will would be my guideline

What do you think, dear readers


  1. You know everyone wants something different from each situation. Don't take any of the negative comments to heart, it is just how someone else is feeling (remember that may change on any given day!).

    If comments make you think a little more then fine, don't take them to much to heart. If a comment comes from someone you know, you know how it is said if it comes from a stranger who knows what the underlying vibe is there.

    If you enjoy twittering, if you get something for the better from it, if it is a forum to make you think different or a platform to ask questions then do it. Most of all enjoy, why do it if you don't enjoy it.

    For the record you often make me think a little, I don't always answer but you have been a positive thing for me x

  2. Oooh, I've just joined Twitter this week (I'm usually one of the first on the bandwagon so very slow to catch up this time.

    Hadn't anticipated so many benefits, great that it's made you feel more connected - essential for anyone who writes, I believe. Fashion advice intriguing...

    Great blog, look forward to exploring further,
    Kate x

    PS Thanks for your email, Katie Fforde is lovely, isn't she?

  3. It's good to know Twitter has brought you so many real benefits.

    I think I've been following you from the start and I enjoy seeing your tweets, even if I don't often respond.

    I don't comment much at Twitter but I do find value in much of what I read in tweets. I often smile or lol, and Twitter helps me keep up with breaking news and important issues I would not otherwise know about.