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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

40 Life Lessons

On turning 40, I reflected on my life and came up with the following key lessons and realisations.

1. That my adoptive parents are human, did a great job and I love them lots
2. That my brothers love me in their unique ways
3. That my key childhood memories are about experiences and not things
4. That my shyness often stopped people reaching out to me as friends
5. That I was far more attractive and slim than I thought I was
6. That feelings are usually mutual - whatever they are
7. That I sometimes did the impossible and maybe I still can
8. That my birth mother rejecting me was to do with her and her limitations and not me (have only just worked this one out)
9. That first impressions are rarely 100% right
10. That there is a Jack for every Jill just like Mum said there would be

There are 30 more which I will post over the next week or maybe even today depending on how things go

Would love to hear your life lessons


  1. As an adoptive mum myself, I can confirm we ARE really just humans, and that we do make mistakes along with just about everyone else.

  2. No 8 has struck a cord. My mother rejected me (twice actually) The first time was in the 60's and dad was awarded custody. The second time in the 90's, that was really difficult as I felt she was doing the same to my children as she had done me. She was a huge part of my eldest two's daily lives and then cut herself off - that was to do with her and her limitations and not me/us). Life goes on but it has been tough

  3. Great list. I think my first impressions are usually always 100% right.
    I agree with number 10, that's a very good saying.