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Friday, 3 April 2009

A pox on both our houses

I always help my little girl get ready for school in the mornings. Pulling off her Dora the Explorer pyjama top, naturally pink, I spy with my little eye several reddish spots. Tis the chickenpox methinks. My immediate thought is how this might impact on our planned visit to my mum at the weekend. A telephone call later confirms that we cannot go as this is one of the rules of the steroids prescribed by Macmillan.
Speaking to Mum, she sounded like she was back to her old self and some! Strongly suspect she is overdosing on steroids and apparently is working through mountains of ironing and feeling very chirpy indeed.
Reality check when she says "I will still be here when you do manage to get her".
There is, I assume, no actual guarantee of that.
I have a red heart-shaped helium balloon that my daughter bought for her Daddy for Valentines Day. It has been sitting on my television set for days and it makes me think of Mum. Slowly going down but for now, still full of love. The children start playing with it whilst I am on the telephone punching it. Am ridiculously upset at this but manage to focus on loving them. After all, it is just a silly balloon. I have just thought that when Mum had being nasty to me in some way she always used to come in to my bedroom and say, "You'll have to forgive your Mummy. She is just a silly sausage"


  1. What a wonderful analogy - you have me in blubs!

  2. Get well soon to your little girl.
    Your mum sounds like a great woman (so do you) xx

  3. Thank you for writing your experiences. I'd read you had PND and thought to share with you that I too suffered. I still get days of being low but not like before. I was lucky that my family noticed the change in me and helped out an awful lot. Everything you've written though rings true, I felt I had to be perfect, I was lonely and coping on my own and I just hit a point where something had to give. Thankfully the HV picked up on it and I went for counselling and never looked back.

    Thank you Kate, you really do inspire me and I'm glad I found your posts on twitter. (In a non stalker way btw!)

    Bec x

  4. I love this blog!LOVE IT! What a find! Thanks to Twitter for lead gen!
    Looking forward to soaking up my evening entertainment here!
    Keep pumping out the gold!
    Whoop whoop!
    High fives
    Sam Mutimer @sammutimer