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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

What the Psychic had to say to me

I entered the dining room where readings were being held. I noticed the pixie like quality of the lady's face and also how she was trying to get her pasta salad eaten, make notes from the previous reading and welcome me all at the same time. Something very likeable about her.
I shuffled the tarot cards and she laid them out. I cannot recall for definite the order in which she told me things but can remember most of what she said I think.
She noticed that two of my children were very different from each other and that one was a real individual. Now I know mums are biased but I think all my children are very individual but I suspect she was talking about the thug on small legs. He is the one that we could suspect was swapped at birth as he is confident, rowdy, sport - all the things his parents and siblings struggle with. He was also huge at birth at a mighty 11 pounds and 8 ounces. Everyone in the hospital came to see this enormous delivery so he was a celebrity from the start. He is also very keen on performing and as my singer brother says he has a pitch perfect voice, we expect him to be on the stage and probably a Robbie Williams type personality to boot. I know he will get into scrapes and survive intact - he is just that sort of kid and I expect to have many telephone calls to get him out of trouble, pay bail money or whatever as he gets older. Maybe I am psychic?
Later, she was adamant that I have 3 children in all and will have no more. Full marks for that on both counts lol! She said that I was not bringing them up in a normal way and that sometimes as children that would be difficult for them as they would be different from other children. However, she reassured me that things would work out and they would benefit as they got older and escaped the tormenters in the school yard.
She went on to my relationship with my husband saying we are not always good at communicating with each other. She put this down to me having deep passions and him being very different. She tried to think of a word to describe him and I had to bite my tongue to not say "anal" but in the end she said he would be good at science and computing. Again, true and I have always had a deep suspicion of scientists and people who treat computers as if they are human beings. They say opposites attract lol. She advised that my husband will never understand me which I found very reassuring as now I can stop putting all that effort in to making him get me. Now, he can just get on with loving me whilst thinking I am totally bonkers too. Maybe that is what he likes best about me.
She said I was a giver sometimes to my own detriment. That I would listen and support others but find it hard to seek support myself and cry in my room alone. Again, spot on and demonstrated after the reading as I sat in the garden weeping quietly to myself but ensuring (or trying to Krystal!) that nobody noticed. I am like my late Mum I think - she would break her back to help others close or farther away but push aside all attempts to comfort her. And if you want to know all about the woman that was my Mum, my blogs from April and May last year cover some of her life and times.
She mentioned baking - something that connects me to Mum again. I love baking finding it a really almost spiritual experience. She said how I like to cook from scratch and that also is true.
She mentioned money saying that although I am not in a crisis I could do better with money and use some of my skills to make more. She said I was creative and that she felt my future lay in writing and probably writing articles initially.
At this point, she stated that Mum was with me standing next to me on my right hand side. She said she was with her Mum and was healthy now although she had not been at the end. Well, Mum was always beautiful and sparkly eyed but was devestated by the cruel ravages of cancer. Nice to think of her being out of all that distress and humiliation and being with her Mum who she adored.
The lady said that Mum and others in the spirit world from my family wanted me to write because some of them had tried and had not been able to achieve their ambitions due to era or circumstances. She seemed fixed on a great-grandma who had written in longhand. I found this very powerful as if my writing is actually a sort of sacred quest to put things right for a forbear. I do intend to look into this and see if I can identify the woman and her story. Complex as I have many great grandmas as I am an adopted person so it depends whether it is a birth relative or in my adoptive family. But as my birth name was Joyce, who knows? Maybe me and James Joyce have a connection - have to admit I have always wondered.
She also said that I have plenty of time left and should stop thinking that death is imminent for me. This was powerful stuff as I have only shared those thoughts with my husband. Since Mum died, I have felt very threatened by my own mortality and concerned that I do not have enough time to achieve anything worthwhile now.
She acknowledged that it is hard not to converse with Mum now but also that she is still here just not in the same way.
I think those were the major points of the reading. I did ask a specific question about my step-children. For their sakes, I won't reveal exactly what she said but again, it was very helpful and let me off the hook a bit too.
If I can release myself from all the things I brood on and worry about, those creative juices can flow.
I am determined to approach publications this week about the potential of writing articles. Might not get anywhere but the guarantee is I do nowt, I won't get owt so here's to taking action and, hey, the spirits are on my side!

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  1. I have always wanted to go to one of these but never quiet had the guts. I imagine all the 'things you dont want to hear' been told and i think that scares me. I would rather (i think?) live life as it is and not know what is coming.

    Congrats on attending and i hope it brought some good news, and set your mind straight on somethings :) xxx