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Thursday, 13 May 2010

Other Half's Birthday

Today is my husband's birthday. Needless to say, he is much older than me but not a sugar daddy regrettably. Birthdays are a fraught topic with him as he does not really buy into celebrating them at all. I have to stage-manage my own to get him to take any notice of it and it is usually my 9 year old who takes him shopping and picks the right sort of gifts for me. So most years, I end up thinking that I will treat his indifferently and see how he feels but I always relent as I like a good excuse to shop and to party. Don't get me wrong. He would let me have anything I want but I sort of have to spell it out in words of one syllable for him to get the message. Like most women, I want spontaneity and to be swept off my feet from time to time.
I don't take it personally (well, not that often) as his daughters from his first marriage regaled me with how he would give them cash or vouchers for Christmas and then wonder why they were displeased with him. He genuinely does not get it.
I woke up this morning and actually forgot it was his birthday. I remembered within about 10 minutes but that's a bit bad of me, isn't it? Of course, it bothered him not a jot. We gave him his cards and pressies. I know he loved his books because they are right up his street being about all things aviation but enthusing he just not do. He thinks "sound" is a good word to express delights of orgasmic proportions! Myself and my family are probably over the top expressively but hey, at least we know how to live a little.
However, these days I have a secret weapon in the shape of my 6 year old daughter. She loves to party and will use an excuse to put out the banners, balloons and fancy table-cloths. So tonight whether Mr Grumpy likes it or not, we will be jelly and ice-creaming it with the best of them. Happy Birthday Darling and don't worry, it only lasts for a day!


  1. Once, when my birthday was on a Monday, Gavin remembered at 15.45 on Sunday. The local Tesco's closed at 16.00 so Gavin, with a look of pure panic on his face, pelted it around and came home with a card and a dvd (Mary Poppins). I know it's the thought that counts but he gave them to me at 16.10, the day before my birthday in the carrier bag he'd got from Tesco.

  2. What is wrong with the male of the species? And why are two of them running the country?