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Monday, 24 May 2010

Psychic Night - there was somebody there!

I woke up on Saturday thinking that I had made a mistake in agreeing to attend a Psychic Night with the mummy friends. For weeks, I had was excited about it and now I was having second thoughts. I suppose part of that was that my Mum died last year and I really wanted some sort of message or guidance from her and reassurance that all is well and she is ok now.
All day, I bleated on to my long-suffering husband that I probably wouldn't go and if I did I would not stay long and perhaps not have a reading.
Husband was allowed to escape to the supermarket at some point to source new sandals for me and also the traditional bottle of plonk. Bring a bottle. I wonder what we would ask our mummy friends to bring if we were open and honest with each other - a brain, a good sense of humour, listening skills or something else? What are we all looking for from the group? I imagine answers would differ quite a lot. Back to the bottle - husband asked me what colour I wanted and I said orange or purple which confused him a bit as he was asking about the wine whereas I was focussed on my sandals. It is very easy to find shoewear so rivetting when your errant puppy has eaten through yours so you are housebound for lack of shoes!
Generous husband came with several sandals to choose from and also a bottle of decent wine. He dropped me off but I was not totally sure of the address I was going to. I do this all the time instead of planning things properly. Arrived at the house he thought it would be and then I panicked that it might not be at which point he made the sensible suggestion that perhaps I should knock on the door and find out. Scary, scary! At which point, Marigold the hostess with the mostest opened the door with that lovely smiley face of hers. A very warm welcome and much appreciated by the shrinking Dolores. Greeted Marigold's mum and the psychic lady and clung to my glass of wine. Some people have bags of social confidence. I tend to rely on glasses!
Part Two of this evening follows shortly once I have attended to the increasingly loud demands of what the psychic referred to as a a very individual child. I can think of stronger words!

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