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Monday, 19 April 2010

A Night in with the "Stanningley Wives"

The ladies of Stanningley met on Saturday at Karen's house. As I arrived, several others were arriving driven by their husbands as Stanningley ladies do not drive knowing that their husbands do it so much better. Karen welcomed us to her home and served us cups of tea with beautiful cucumber sandwiches and home-made cupcakes displayed beautifully on porcelain cake-stands and with the sweetest of doilies.
We talked of how grateful we were to be allowed out by our husbands for the evening who work so hard to keep us. We compared our fashions particularly new hats and gloves bought for the Easter season. Several of us had sewn our own dresses and we pitied those poor gentlemen whose wives wear such unseemly outfits such as jeans.
Violet arrived with bags containing prayer books so that we could start our meeting properly by giving praise to the Lord.
After prayers, we engaged in an amusing little quiz. We blushed as we admitted that most of us had being reading reference books all week to prepare for the evening's entertainment.
It was lovely to see us all answering questions with such grace and dignity, so unlike those leggings wearing women from other parts of the city.
We are blessed with a nurse amongst our group. Most women in our circle do not believe in going out to work relying on their housekeeping money from their husbands. However, Holly is almost a saint-like nurse who gives 100% commitment to her role. So much so that even on a night out, she gave a free demonstration of how to get into the recovery position.
Some amongst our number are creative artists and demonstrated their talents shyly but giving a whole new meaning to the term "life drawing".
After swapping recipes and trying Karen's home-made fruit cake and iced coffee, we realised that it was now 9pm and bade out farewells returning to the loving arms of our husbands and children. Many of us commented just how wonderful it was that as well as lovely food and drinks, we had also learnt new skills to take back home to make us even better Stanningley wives.


  1. Brilliant! :)

    Looking forward to any further versions that may appear in due course.......!

  2. What a very true and accurate account of a lovely evening :-)