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Monday, 20 September 2010

Joys of the child-free zone

1. I can enjoy talking to a grown-up without interruption
2. I don't have to share my meals
3. I can have a long, hot bath with extra-special bubble bath
4. I can use my electric toothbrush without a child trying to purloin it
5. I can sit in my sunny courtyard and read a book
6. I can take a break from waitressing and refereeing
7. I can tidy up and not see my efforts instantly destroyed
8. There is way less washing up to do
9. My body is my own with nobody pulling at it, ditto my mind and spirit
10.I can talk to someone on the telephone
11. I can blog, work on my novel, twitter, facebook, netmums or whatever takes my fancy

Perhaps the best joy of all is that by the time the taxi delivers my delightful trio of children, I will be relaxed and refreshed. I will feel able to give them proper quality time with homework, story-telling, playing, baking and so on.

And yes, I am sure my need for me time makes me a terrible mother but I know I can be a much better one now that they are all in school and I have time to think, feel and plan.

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