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Friday, 20 August 2010

What type of mistress are you?

Last night over a fantastic meal courtesy of Him Indoors, we decided not to watch the drama "Mistresses" in favour of watching the Hotel Inspector. Both of us agreed we have just not got into this series finding it less gripping than the other two. I also have a deep suspicion of things with Joanna Lumley in them. I have a similar issue with Michael Caine but anyway, back to Mistresses.

Presumably the four main characters are supposed to reflect the joys and challenges of being a woman today. So I am going to have a go at reflecting on what I share with any of the characters and encourage you, dear reader, to do the same and perhaps share as a comment if you are feeling particularly brave.


Well like her I have been lied to by a fraudster very badly and burnt emotionally.
I also make a mighty fine cupcake.
I have dabbled with business but have far too soft a heart to succeed so I differ there
I have committed 100% to jobs in the past and on one occasion left my newborn son for my partner to care for leading to him feeling abandoned and probably not unlike I feel caring for 3 children whilst his career builds now.
I have also had sex at work (more than once - oooo-er!)


Well, I am a sort of lawyer having done law at university, gone to law college and used law in advice work settings.
I have certainly longed for a baby to the extent of crying every time anyone I came across had one
I have probably being guilty of letting "the one" get away although am mighty glad I did in the end
I have had sex with a colleague and got pregnant by them


Definitely had issues with my late mother as she does with hers
I have had relationships with very much older men
I have dallied (sexually and otherwise) with men who had girlfriends at the time


Not like her really
Never a good time girl (regrettably!)
I do know about supporting at least two boyfriends through thick and thin
I have not dallied sexually with women but won't knock it till I try it lol

Well, how about you?

1 comment:

  1. Going to be brave and post a comment!
    Like Trudi (and yourself) I have also had sex at work! Not my present workplace!!
    Like Siobhan I have also longed for a child and now have 3 after years of tests and IVF.
    Like Kate I had major issues with my late Mum that were never resolved.
    Like Jessica I have dallied with a female but didn't rate it!! xx