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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Twitter - the experience so far

I blogged about Twitter last year and then left it alone for a while during the latter stages of my mum's illness and the aftermath of her death. I missed it and knew I would return some day. During those months, I stopped blogging too. I did not make a decision to do these things - it just sort of happened.
In recent months, I have returned to tweeting and the lovely community that it can be at its best. Now that I am taking my writing seriously, I have sought out people involved in writing whether as publishers, agents or authors. I have found most people to be very generous giving tips, encouragement and support. I hope I will be like that and actually know I will be. I always take time to reach out to individuals and offer help. It costs little and can mean so much to somebody. Authors and article writers share their lives on Twitter too and it is interesting to see what I might be getting myself into!
Particular thanks go to @KatieFforde who is always friendly, warm and encouraging. Who knows? One day we may meet and I can give her a copy of my book lol. Katie is one of the first novelists I followed and she said something to the effect of I can make people laugh and cry with my writing. Maybe I am on to something. In any event, her words encourage me to move forwards positively. She is not alone and I thank all those generous writers but she was the first to get in touch and when I was in the depths of despair so here's to her.
There are lovely and kind-hearted folks on Twitter. Mums like me who are coping with the madness of motherhood and its very real challenges. Bloggers who are kind enough to link from their blog to mine and offer guest slots too. People, both male and female, who can reach out and get you through a bad day or share in your good ones. In the main, Twitter restores me when my faith in human nature flags a little.
For fun or because you have things to say, you can communicate with celebrities who inhabit the Twitterworld. In my time, I have heard from @Schofe tempting him in with the mention of avocaat. @richardm56 responded when I made a quip about whose daughter he was going out with. It was his own by the way. Well, you had to be there - it was funny at the time. @SharonTweet provides encouragement about my writing and responds positively to my lame jokes. @therealgokwan responded when I pulled him for a typo saying "Bollocks". Now where else could you find Gok Wan saying "Bollocks" to you?!
Sometimes, you are on Twitter and you find out what is going on the world, even daft stuff like the details of the world's longest tennis match last night. You might find out about competitions, campaigns or dangers.
Tweeters inform, encourage, support, inspire, amuse - just like humans in real life but perhaps with a lack of inhibition in the virtual world. I love Twitter. So much better than Facebook and for me, a very positive experience.


  1. I love twitter too, I find it shows that the "c'lebs" are human too, the excitement when someone replies (I dont get out much). Good luck with the writing Im sure you will do well, if you dont dont get, I always find. Look forward to reading that book, always enjoy the blog.

    @FionaAlton :)

  2. I used to do facebook but I just found it took up too much of my time. Since I also have the attention span of a gnat I prefer twitter. I'm gonna follow you right now

    @emmakaufmann ;)

  3. That's fantastic that you have got so much from twitter. It can be a wonderful resource for writers.