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Saturday, 26 June 2010

20 years of life in bullets!

* 1991 Law School, depression, loss, debt, misery, crush on giant, trace birth family, find it very hard to get over the Cambridge experience
*1992 Leaving Law, volunteering, advice agencies, another crush on bisexual bloke, friend's wedding, distance from best friend, first real job and then to Carlisle for a better one
1993 - move from drugs den to 18 year old bloke, happy days of mini, lager and Queen
1994 - move in and fall for bisexual landlord, lovely house, lovely times, career progressing
1995 - move in with the older man, in love, feel nobody can stop us, best and worst of times
1996 - move to Cambridge, work for Oxfam, older man does well, farmhouse in Oxfordshire
1997 - hiccup, burp and split, infidelity, heartbreak, home to roost
1998 - one-night stand period, two new jobs, single parent dad becomes new fella, happy again
1999 - step-parenting is tough, step-child steals and then leaves, estranged from my parents
2000 - get pregnant, first child, first blood relative, wonderful, Mum and Dad's 50th anniversary and trip on Orient Express
2001 - learn to be a mum (still learning now!), have the best son in the world, new job, parents move to be with us in rural North Yorkshire. Blissful times.
2002 - new house, partner and myself working from home, a lovely trio in place
2003 - get pregnant again, move to idyllic cottage with roses round the door, happy
2004 - birth of daughter, my little angel and princess, post-natal depression strikes and stays, redundancies for both myself and partner
2005 - pregnant again and birth of second son, depression not moving, relocate to York, new job
2006 - do really well at work, conferences including Doncaster Prison, Galpharm Stadium and The Deep but bullied by boss, redundancy
2007 - launch a magazine for Mum's and organise an event for Mums, depression starts to shift
2008 - Become a Mrs, lovely wedding day, perfect in every way, great Christmas with parents as guests for first time ever
2009 - Mum diagnosed with terminal cancer and dies. Rotten year.
2010 - Grief becomes more manageable, settle into a new family dynamic, visits to Dad, new friends and learning. Start to believe I can make money from writing. Just need to make it happen now.

NB I do not have a thing about older blokes but reckon they must have one about me!
My many redundancies are not through lack of talent but through lack of funding for the voluntary and community sector
I often think I have had an ordinary and boring life


  1. No, it sounds quite varied. I love that older blokes must have a thing about you, that's so ace!

  2. Your life sounds anything but ordinary! Wonder what the next 20 years will bring?! xx

  3. How fascinating, xx