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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Not the last post but the very first!

Welcome to my first blog post.
Will aim to amuse and bemuse in equal measure and to find my muse too!
Who am I?
Unwanted baby - not the best of starts!
Adopted baby - converted to princess by parents
Swot at school - in other words, I actually liked reading
Shy student - but went from disapproving to trying to advocating debauchery during 3 years
Charity worker - changing the world and being underpaid and redundant far too often
Mum - stepmum first so know all about, erm, challenging behaviour. Then along came my three angels or that's my story and I am sticking to it
Career Woman followed by stay at home mum/boredom
Twitterer and ready to step back into the world. Watch out!


  1. Good luck with your blog. Looking forward to being amused!

  2. All the best with this - I follow you on Twitter. Good luck!

  3. Hi Kate - been following you on twitter and decided to read through your blog, you seem like a very strong individual. Good luck with the blog and keep strong! :)
    Susan Deane