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Friday, 26 August 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

My very favourite blog hop this week hosted by the lovely Seasider in the City.

1. My husband is cheerful about time off work for the Bank Holiday weekend.

2. My daugher is cheerful about sticking her tongue out (but is now panicking and saying she was only joking).

3. My son is cheerful because his mummy loves him (this honestly was not prompted by me)

4. My other son is cheerful because he is with his Mummy (also not prompted)

5. I am cheerful that even though my brother did not go on holiday last weekend as we hoped, he did spend a lot of time away from here. When he is not here, I feel less got at, judged, name-called etc. So a big reason to be cheerful.

6. I am cheerful that a new tenancy has been offered to us. Appears our escape to the country can continue for another year after all.

Will that do?

Now check out some superb reasons from other lovelies.

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